Jeremy & Jodi Smith

Jeremy & Jodi Smith

CBM Church Builders

2201 Sharay Drive

Cantonment, Florida  32533

Allow us to introduce ourselves and the friends working with us.  We are traveling tradesmen, doing construction for new and needy churches.  Supported by other churches and individuals, we offer professional building services to these congregations without charge.  Some call us, quite accurately, missionary builders.  With our families, we live in travel trailers, available to go anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Most of the churches we serve could not afford to build in any other way.  With the help of volunteers, churches can be readied for use (structure, mechanicals, sound system, baptistry, offices, nursery, pews and pulpit furniture) for less than 40% of commercial cost.  This process has saved millions of dollars over the years.  Why are we in this work?  Not just to build buildings.  It's because we care about people and where they will spend eternity!

Sal & Marlene Johnson

Missionaries to Spanish-speaking persons in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

4311 South 17th Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68107

Andy & Wanda Barnes

Baptist Mid-Missions

40-44 Rue de la Sabilere

Paris, France

Their ministries include church planting in Paris city, training nationals in Baptist Bible institutes and directing and teaching in summer Christian camps.

Missionaries in sensitive areas

Calvary Supports missionaries serving in sensitive areas around the world.